Stay Safe When Rafting and Canoeing

Going for a rafting or canoe trip? Awesome! You will have a great time, and will stay safe if you follow these simple steps:

  • Wear the lifejacket. Much of the time, rafting will result in going overboard, which is fine. But you need to be certain you have your life jacket on at all times.
  • Take a class. A water safety class is always a good idea. It will show you how to stay safe whether you are in a raft, canoe or kayak.
  • Use a licensed rafting company. You will want to make sure that the rafting company you choose has employees who are fully trained, and also be sure that they have all of their current permits. This is especially true in Grand Canyon rafting.
  • Wear a helmet. This is definitely the case in any whitewater rafting trip. You could end up swimming, and there are rocks out there.
  • Hold your paddle right. You should have one hand on the base of the paddle right on the shaft/paddle intersection point. The other should be on the very end of the shaft on the T grip. That grip is made of tough plastic and it can give you a black eye and broken teeth. Having your hand on it will ensure it won’t do damage in a collision.