Recording Travel Shows Is Easy Now


If you are a travel enthusiast and look up on the web every now and then to watch travel shows on your pc, you now stand a chance to record them and save them for viewing later.

There are numerous travel videos on the internet such as YouTube clips, live streams of travel expeditions however, it becomes gruesome when one wants to save the streaming videos to watch afterwards. Websites generally do not offer any downloading options and there is no option to download the live streaming videos either. Moreover, watching high quality streamed videos on the net can also be a challenge.

Such predicaments can be handled by the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, a software which can capture online videos for you and save them for you to watch them later. Movavi provides a trusted video processing software with the help of which, you can record online videos from your PC and later convert it into any format you prefer for your phone. Movavi provides a host of other facilities such as editing the recorded video footage with no quality loss, adding titles and effects and sharing the captured videos on the web.

This streaming video recorder is handy and easy to use – just set the recording parameters, capture the screen video, edit with the given features if required and save the file in MP4, MOV, AVI or any other popular media formats. A wide selection of ready-made presets for mobile devices is available with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The video can be polished with stylish filters, special effects and a host of other useful video processing tools. You can cut the footage into multiple parts and remove elements you do not need. This software also enables you to add subtitles, refurbish your screencast with background music. This type of video processing is referred to as remultiplexing or remixing, wherein the video stream is simply transferred to the selected format without recompressing. This process in immediate and does not affect your video quality.

The videos can be captured at speeds of up to 60fps and the program windows, specific parts of the screen or the full screen video can be recorded with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The audio can be captured from any source such as headphones, microphones and MIDI devices. Additionally, the skype calls can also be recorded easily. You can schedule the capture timer to record the video at a specific time. The entire recording process can be managed with hot keys and the control panel at the top of the capture frame.

However, one needs to remember that Movavi Screen Capture Studio does not allow to capture copy protected videos.